We begin the day being greeted by Aspen Senior Day Center Staff and our senior friends. After playing board games, putting puzzles together, and Playing Name 10, we gather together to reminisce about the topic of the day; Baseball!

We pass around baseball cards, gloves, pictures of baseball players, and match our favorite teams’ names with the cities where they play. We quickly respond and share fond memories of watching or playing baseball when we were younger.

Next, we enjoy participating in arts and crafts where we create our favorite team’s flag which will later adorn the walls of the center.

Following art, everyone joins in as we sing songs like “Take me out to the ballgame”, and “Casey at the Bat” during music time.

We all dig into a favorite baseball snack; hot dogs, potato chips, and cotton candy followed by root beer floats for dessert.

The time just flies by and it’s time for lunch. It is another opportunity to socialize with our friends and share memories about our lives. We discover that others at our table often have similar experiences and we feel right at home.

After lunch, we move over to Sit and Dance where we move our legs and arms to music from the fifties.


What is a day of baseball without actually playing the game? We take turns stepping up to bat and swing for a HOME RUN! We encourage our teammates with cheers and wave as they circle the bases.

Next, it’s time for Spring Bingo. We all concentrate on listening to the Bingo caller and covering our board. BINGO is another favorite part of the day where everyone helps each other feel successful.

Before we know it it is time to return home. After taking a “team” photo we grab some cracker jacks as we head out the door to spend the rest of our day with our families!


What is It Like to Spend the Day at Aspen Senior Day Center?