Activities for Seniors with Memory Loss

We all know that exercise is good for our bodies, but keeping our brains active with daily activities is key to keeping dementia at bay.


Socializing is important for good brain health. It also keeps us from getting lonely and depressed.

Cognitive Games

Cognitive Games such as Word Searches, Puzzles, Quirkle, Bingo, Dominoes, Memory, Cranium Crunches, Jenga, Checkers, Uno, Zingo, and Scrabble are all great for challenging our brains.


Reminiscing discussions elicit memories of “the good ol’ days” and give opportunities for social interaction as memories are shared of lives well lived.

Fun Exercise

At Aspen Senior Day Center, fun exercise is a big part of our day. From playing pool, bowling, horseshoes, ring toss, ball toss, scavenger hunts, Sit and Dance, to playing with noodles and balloons, we are always on the move. Physical limitations are forgotten and friendships are formed.


Music is one of our favorite parts of the day. Our Sing-Alongs, Name that Tune, and Musical Instruments all bring joy as our seniors sing familiar songs such as ”Shine on Harvest Moon”, “Toot Toot Tootsie”, and “Me and My Gal”.

Arts and Crafts

When words fail, our daily art classes have shown us how a work of art can tell a story, express emotion, or recreate a memory in a way nothing else does. Creativity, sensory stimulation, and socialization also occur during this time. It has become one of the highlights of our clients’ day!