What Others Are Saying About Our Program

“Aspen Senior Day Center has changed both caregivers and care recipients’ lives with their progressive person-centered facility. I was amazed to see the changes and person-hood return to our care recipients and observe the decrease in depression and anxiety in our caregivers. I can’t express my appreciation enough to Gary Staples and his staff for their services.” 

-Sylvia Brunisholz, LCSW, CMC – Family Support Counselor

Testimonials from Families

My grandpa attended Aspen for several years after having his first stroke and suffering from dementia. He absolutely cherished going there and he told me so many memories he had about being there. He loved all of the staff as well as all of his friends that he made. I am so glad that we was able to go to Aspen Senior Day Center because I truly believe that it was a big thing for him in his life and it left a huge positive impact on him.

— Carson R. – Family Caregiver

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking care of my husband at your Day Center.  It’s hard to find words to express my profound gratitude, so I can only hope you understand how thankful I am. I would (and have!) recommend your services to anyone.

Julie M. – Family Caregiver

“During that period of time I know he is safe and happy – and I am free to come and go without the fear that he will wander.”

—Miguel A. – Family Caregiver

“This place has been a gift for my husband. He has great friends, activities, food and exercise! He loves to go there five days a week. He loves the staff and they love him! What more could one ask for!”

—Saundra C. – Family caregiver

“This wonderful care center has given my mom purpose and joy in her life and has given me the break I need, as well as peace of mind knowing my mom is happy enjoying activities with her peers.”

—Daughter of a happy client

“So impressed with the awesome staff at this facility. What an amazing group of people who sacrifice so much to give an amazing experience to people like my dad. Thanks for the incredible service you give!”

—Ele M. – Family Caregiver

“My husband has suffered from progressive dementia for the last six years, becoming more withdrawn and isolated. Our family decided to try him at the senior center. From the first day, he loved it. He had people to talk to and activities to participate in. The staff was so kind and supportive and helpful to him. They communicated effectively with me and we worked together to make his experience a successful one. It has made a world of difference to him.”

—Cheryl T. – Family Caregiver

“My dad has been attending Aspen for a couple of years now. Let me just say that their care for him has been invaluable. He is happy, engaged in the activities, and he feels like his presence there is important and he is needed. More important, my mom has been able to have needed time to be herself, explore her talents, and maintain her friendships which help sustain her and help her be a better caregiver to my father. I don’t know what life would look like now for my parents if Aspen were not available as a resource. Love them and love the people who love and care for my dad! They are angels!”

—Alisa K. – Family caregiver

How Aspen Has Helped Me

“We have our beautiful mom attend Aspen Senior Day Center and have absolutely loved having her there, the staff is so sweet and very gentle with her. The cute artwork and projects she comes home with each day she is there is so fun to see. We really appreciate all they do to help our Mom feel loved!”

-Jenni J. – Family Caregiver

“It has given me a chance to do things that I can’t do with him. It’s given me a break that I really need – just to be alone and renew my energy. I am a better caregiver to him after I’ve had this time to myself. It lessens the stress of 24/7 caregiving.”

-Spouse of a happy client

“My sisters and I very much appreciated the services that Aspen provided. It meant a lot to us to know that, when we had to go to work and could not have our mother at home with us, we could take mom to a place where she was lovingly cared for, where she could have fun, and where her needs were so well met. It made it possible for us to have our mother live in our homes where she could be surrounded by family.”

-Denise D. – Family Caregiver

“My father has Alzheimer’s. I found the Center because I needed help trying to care for him and keep my job. The caregivers at Aspen are wonderful. I didn’t know, but having him attend the center made him happier all around. He came home in a better mood and he slept better at night. I hadn’t realized how much he was missing social interaction in his life. Thank you!”

-Lois B. – Family Caregiver

“Aspen Senior Day Center and Aspen Senior Care are complementary, vital services to the community. These two services provide a continuum of care to families in Utah and Salt Lake Counties. Alzheimer’s disease is not a normal part of aging, but memory changes that disrupt daily life, difficulty completing familiar tasks, changes in mood, confusion with time or place are some of the beginning signs of Alzheimer’s. When these changes are occurring in your loved one, it means you have concurrently become a caregiver. It is a fact of life. Acknowledging this is the first step in protecting your loved one. You now become dedicated at understanding the role of a caregiver and what resources are available to you. This includes financial resources designed to support your efforts as a caregiver. Caregiving is difficult and requires respite. If you detect memory impairment, an Aspen representative will help you contact the Alzheimer’s Association for respite care support. Aspen Senior Center and Aspen Senior Care have achieved the designation of Care Champion from the Alzheimer’s Association, and have completed the Foundations of Dementia CareTM training with its employees. The role of Aspen is to assure that no one faces the burden of caregiving alone.” 

-Nick Zullo – Program Director Alzheimer’s Association of Utah