Alzheimer’s disease is the most common type of dementia, affecting about five million people in the US. It normally begins with memory problems, language deficits, social withdrawal, and personality changes.

Others may even experience delusional thoughts and agitated behavior. People who have Alzheimer’s progressively lose their independent functioning and normally become unable to perform everyday activities, including bathing and dressing.

We Can Help with Senior Day Care

As Alzheimer’s disease progresses, the level of assistance and care your loved one needs increases. As a trusted Alzheimer’s care provider in Utah, Aspen Senior Day Center helps each of our clients with personalized care and assistance. Our goal is to provide a fulfilling day of engaging activities and social fun while giving family caregivers the break they need.

Our senior day care services provide compassionate and tailored assistance every weekday that promotes health and well-being for you and your loved one. (Our sister organization Aspen Senior Care provides 24/7 in-home care as well.)

Mind-Stimulating Activities for Improved Memory

Your loved one will also have the opportunity to join physically stimulating, educational, and social activities. We also provide mind-stimulating activities that engage all human senses for an improved memory care experience. These types of activities encourage brain fitness to sustain or improve cognitive ability among our clients.

As a licensed memory care provider in Utah, we provide day care solutions for seniors who need assistance with daily living, supervision, and social opportunities. All of our care practices are based on the highest ethical standards and strong family values.