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At Aspen Senior Day Center, we use a variety of memory-enhancing activities to keep our clients engaged each day. Our unique program is called Cognasium, which means “gymnasium for the brain.” We focus on four areas: cognitive stimulation, light exercise, fun socialization, and good nutrition for our clients. 

One of our favorite Cognasium activities at the Center is reminiscing. Reminiscence therapy taps into the five senses — touch, sight, smell, sound, and taste — to help individuals with memory challenges recall people, places, and events from throughout their lifetime. The use of objects, visual aids, and discussion topics helps individuals trigger memories from their past.

Just a few of the engaging topics discussed throughout the year are: Going to the Movies, Springtime Memories, Easter, The Soda Fountain, Short Stories, We Love Chocolate and many more! These conversations elicit memories of “the good ol’ days,” and give opportunities for social interaction as a variety of memories are shared and discussed. 

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“I love reminiscing with our clients. We have amazing discussions that help them remember some wonderful topics. Their short-term memory can be diminished, but their long-term memory is fairly good. It’s gratifying when they are able to remember things they think they have forgotten.” 

-Julie Smith, Activities Director

Here are some of the benefits we see in our clients when reminiscing:

  • Happiness as we discuss our clients’ favorite activities or topics.
  • Socialization through shared stories with friends. 
  • Excitement from memories remembered.
  • Improvement of our clients’ quality of life.
  • An increase in self-esteem. 
  • A reduction of boredom.
  • A decrease in isolation.
  • Laughter and joy!

“They really do become stronger as they participate in our Cognasium activities,” says Julie Smith, Activities Director. “It brings them together, and during that time there is pure joy in our discussions.” Reminiscing is an empowering way to stimulate our clients’ thoughts and memories. “It gives them a sense of fulfillment and allows us to take a step into a piece of their unique life history — what an honor!”

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The Benefits of Reminiscing in Memory Care