How Seniors Can Tackle Common Worries and Pitfalls in Retirement

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While we all hope to reach a ripe old age, that goal is not without its share of worries. From physical changes to financial concerns, it can feel like there’s more than enough trouble to go around. However, some of the most common of these stressors are pretty simple to resolve with a few handy tricks up your sleeve.

Adult Protective Services: How to Spot Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation of Vulnerable Adults

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What does “abuse” mean? Abuse can refer to any situation in which someone who has more power hurts someone with less power. It may include: Verbal Abuse — saying mean or cruel things to you. Physical Abuse — hurting you

Our Top Priority Is the Health and Safety of Our Clients

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At Aspen Senior Day Center, we encourage the highest standard of health safety practices to ensure the health of both our employees and our clients. We have a great 10-year record of doing just that. With the Coronavirus in the news, we want to share with you our protocol to minimize the spread of viruses, bacteria, and other serious bugs.