Have you ever tried to dance while sitting comfortably in a chair? The clients and staff at Aspen’s activity center do it every day and love it! They engage in a daily exercise routine designed to meet the specific needs of older adults. One of the four components of the Cognasium model (alz.org, 2014) is physical exercise; it helps to elevate self-esteem, autonomy, and mental abilities. In addition to providing great stretch, balance, cardio, and mood enhancement benefits, this form of exercise also reduces agitated behaviors such as wandering. Clients enjoy favorite show tunes and songs from their youth as they workout. Along with nutritious foods, opportunities to socialize, music and art therapies, and word games, clients with dementia are encouraged to limber up and dance. Fun and safe, “Sit and Dance” is a great way to stay fit.


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~Tamara Nixon, BS, CHES

Sit and Dance for Dementia