We use Teepa Snow’s dementia care training series to help our professional caregivers (and our clients’ families who are caring for loved ones with dementia) better understand memory loss and the positive approach to care that is needed. The more we all know, the better care we can provide.

Following is a list  of short video clips taken from Teepa’s YouTube channel and The Pines of Sarasota YouTube channel.

We encourage you to visit these links. Our sister company, Aspen Senior Care, has some of the full-length DVDs from which the above clips are taken. Family caregivers are welcome to come to the office and watch the entire DVD if they would like. Just give us a call at 801-224-5910 to check on availability and schedule a time to come in. 

Aspen Senior Day Center is here to help families meet the caregiving challenges they face. We want families to feel they aren’t alone, that there is hope and help available. Please visit our website at aspenseniorcenter.org and call us at 801-607-2300 for more information. We are here for you. 

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