For almost six years the Aspen Senior Center in Provo has helped family caregivers caring for loved ones with memory impairment.

The Center helps families by focusing on “Cognasium” which means “gymnasium for the brain.”  There are four parts to Cognasium:

  1. Mental Stimulation
  2. Physical Activity
  3. Good Nutrition
  4. Active Socialization
Seniors sitting around a table playing dominoes and talking with each other
Family members know their loved ones will be involved in fun activities.

The Center staff perfectly combine these factors to create an extraordinary program that family caregivers and our clients love.

The following are comments we’ve received from family members about Aspen Senior Center:

It’s hard to express how grateful I am for the Aspen Senior Center. It fills my mother’s day with great activities, caring support and important sociality…when I pick her up she says, “I can’t believe there is such a wonderful place for me to come to, there’re so many really nice people – they keep me so busy and serve us good meals!”

Gary at the center
Gary welcomes Doris to the Center with Elvis looking on

“Aspen Senior Center has been a blessing for our family… I am very thankful…knowing that she is well cared for.  She enjoys all the activities that the center offers and the wonderful food.   I appreciate all the great staff that works with her and her individual needs. This is a great opportunity for both our loving seniors and their care-giving families.”

“Dear Gary, Julie, Pam, Bonnie, Frederika, Diane and all other staff members,  We can’t thank you dear people enough for your friendship, kindness and care of my dear husband, George. He loved it there and misses you, as I do. You’ve been more than kind and I consider you all as friends. If you ever need a recommendation for your facility I would be most happy to provide it.  Always your friend,  Audrey Nelson”

Aspen Senior Center Activity - Hit the balloon with the foam pool nootle
Physical exercise doesn’t have to be difficult to be effective.

Call us today for a tour at 801-607-2300. We’d be happy to show you around and see if the Aspen Senior Center is a fit for your loved one.

Aspen Senior Center Helps Family Caregivers
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