Travel brings a host of new adventures and experiences, but it can also present major stressors that can intensify for those in their golden years.

From toting an oversized suitcase with a bad back to negotiating the long and winding halls of airports or cruise ship terminals, it can be all too easy to become overwhelmed and miss out on the fun you should be having.

This article offers some helpful tips to keep you safe and stress-free on your next travel adventure.

Make the Airport More Accommodating

Your stress might already be mounting as you think about the trek from airport security to your departure gate or your transfer between flights.

You can eliminate this stress, however, by calling ahead and reserving transportation within the terminal. Most airlines will also allow you to board your plane earlier if you need extra time, so make sure to check with your airline and make them aware of your needs.

Schedule a Reasonable Itinerary

Photo courtesy of Pixabay-MabelAmber
Photo courtesy of Pixabay-MabelAmber

Vacation is often so infrequent that sometimes when we finally get to plan a dream trip, we are a bit too ambitious in those plans. Overstuffing your days with too many activities or too tight of a schedule can easily ruin your vacation for several reasons.

The first is that when you are always trying to stick to your schedule you become distracted from really soaking in your experience.

Second, the wear and tear of travel – whether it’s from walking more or managing a major climate shift – can make sticking to a full day’s itinerary more difficult.

Try to streamline your plans so that you can relax and take breaks as needed.

Maximize Your Discounts

To keep on budget with your vacation plans, always be on the lookout for discounts for which you might qualify.

Many countries offer fantastic price reductions at museums or other cultural institutions for those 60 years or older, so do your research in advance and don’t be afraid to ask while you are traveling.

You might also consider joining a travel club for additional discounts on hotels, train travel, or plane tickets. Save a little across all elements of your vacation, and you can end up saving a lot.

Take Precautions

While vacation travel should be filled with warm, fun memories, it is also important that you are aware of the essential resources you might need depending on your health.

There are some simple ways to manage these precautions both before and during your travel:

Before You Travel:

  1. Make sure that you have secured adequate overseas health insurance coverage. Accidents can happen at any time, so it is worth it to be prepared.
  1. Double-check your prescription medications and confirm that you have the right dosage for the duration of your trip. You should also consider any time zone changes that might impact your regimen and adjust accordingly.
  2. Confirm that your vaccinations are current.

While You Travel:

Be mindful of what you are eating wherever you travel. Different parts of the world might use different ingredients that might irritate your system, so keep track of your diet and try to keep it as balanced as you can.

Enjoy Your Experience

Travel always has some hiccups, but taking these steps can help reduce the stress that such sojourns can bring.

Keep these in mind as you plan your next vacation adventure and you’ll be on your way to making great memories rather than managing stress.

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Christian Worstell is a health and lifestyle writer living in Raleigh, North Carolina

Ensuring Safety and Reducing Stress with Senior Travel
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