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Jill takes care of her husband every day around the clock. John has Alzheimer’s disease that makes life challenging for both of them. She has many day-to-day responsibilities to accomplish but feels she has to let many of those tasks go so she can care for John’s needs. He is often forgetful, confused, and anxious and easily becomes bored. Jill knows that her husband’s actions are a result of his Alzheimer’s diagnosis and he is unable to control much of his behavior. However, she still feels overwhelmed as she tries to care for him each day.

In her desperation to get some help, she does some research and learns about senior day care centers. She was leery at first but felt she needed to try something. After several days of seeing John settle in and start enjoying his time at the day center doing engaging activities with others, she was convinced she had found her answer. Now she brings him to the day center three to four times per week and they both get more of what they need. John feels like he’s gotten out of the house and socialized and is less bored and restless while getting better sleep at night. Jill’s days are more productive and more restful, which allows her to be a better family caregiver. 

Senior day care is often confused with adult day care. An adult day care center is a professionally staffed, non-residential facility for adults who are 18+ years of age who need support with social, nutritional, and daily living personal care services. While similar, a senior day care center is specifically for seniors 65+ years of age, many of whom have challenges relating to a form of dementia. This can include memory loss, difficulty communicating, confusion, difficulty performing complex tasks, and more.

Senior day care centers are designed to provide enjoyable daytime activities and nutritious meals, along with needed assistance and supervision. Such centers provide for a wonderful social opportunity to all who come. They also provide much-needed relief and respite to family caregivers, allowing them the freedom to go to work, take care of personal business, or just rest while knowing their loved one is well cared for and safe.

The primary mission of senior day care centers is to: 

  1. Delay or prevent institutionalization by providing alternative and economical senior care.
  2. Enhance self-esteem and encourage socialization through fun activities with peers in a safe and encouraging environment.
  3. Provide respite to family caregivers.
  4. Represent one of the most economical senior care options for seniors wanting to stay at home or with loved ones.
Center Games 2021 | Aspen Senior Day Center

The award-winning Aspen Senior Day Center is licensed with the Utah Department of Human Services as an adult day care facility but specializes in providing senior day care services. Thus, the activities and staff training are geared for seniors who can relate to one another and more fully enjoy the activities and social dynamic provided. 

As the only Senior Day Program in Utah Valley, Aspen Senior Day Center has been serving seniors challenged with memory loss and their families in the Provo area for more than 10 years. Aspen provides comprehensive activities specifically focused on all stages of memory loss in a safe, nurturing environment. Offerings include cognitive stimulation activities, such as therapeutic art and music, brain fitness, and our unique program called Cognasuim. Cognasium means “gymnasium for the brain” and this memory loss program focuses on four areas: cognitive stimulation, light exercise, fun socialization, and good nutrition.

Now may be a good time to consider a senior day care center for your elderly loved one. Schedule your free tour today by calling Julie at 801-607-2300 or visiting

Differences Between Senior Day Care and Adult Day Care