Part 1: Driving in the car
Cars are relatively safe as long as your loved one with dementia chooses to stays inside them. While there’s nothing wrong with your mother with Alzheimer’s deciding she wants to take a stroll, I’d think we’d all prefer if this decision didn’t happen while the car was traveling down the freeway at high speeds. Here’s how to make sure your loved one with memory loss stays safely inside the car.

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  • Child Locks
    I have two words for you. Child locks. If mom suddenly decides to open the door while the car is moving, child locks can be a life saver, literally…
  • Window Locks
    Window locks are also important. If you only lock the child locks your loved one with Dementia can simply roll down the window, reach out and unlock the door.
  • Seat belt buckle guards
    You can purchase seat belt buckle guards that prevent your family member from undoing their seat belt. It’s important that they stay seated. Moving around in an unstable vehicle is never a good idea.


While not every family with a loved one with dementia needs to use these precautions, if you feel like these tips apply to your family’s situation by all means use them. If you can think of any other safety tips feel free to post them in the comments below. Enjoy your car ride and be safe.

Check back tomorrow for Part 2: Wandering

By Winston Behle

Dementia Care: Not So Common Sense Safety Tips Part 1/3