Carolyn loves attending Aspen Senior Day Center in Provo, Utah

Carolyn is someone truly special and loving and who always has the happiest and brightest smile on her face. She can often be found at the art table wearing beautiful colors with a matching flower in her hair!

Four years ago Carolyn decided that she was interested in finding a program which allowed her to fill her day with fun activities and social interaction. When Ines, a member of the Aspen Senior Care team introduced her to Aspen Senior Day Center, Carolyn decided that it would be a great fit for her!

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Anyone who knows Carolyn has only the most positive and wonderful things to say about her.

“Often when we have a new client start at the Center, we introduce them to Carolyn first. Her friendly and welcoming personality makes them feel right at home,” says Lisa from the Center. “Everyone loves Carolyn! She is excited when the weekends are over so she can come back to the Center,” says Shanna, a Center employee who provides transportation to and from Carolyn’s home and the Center each day.

“Everyone loves Carolyn! She is excited when the weekends are over so she can come back to the Center,” says Shauna, a Center employee who provides transportation to and from Carolyn’s home and the Center each day.

Carolyn's drawing of flowers styled after artist, Georgia O'Keeffe
Carolyn shows her Georgia O’Keeffe inspired artwork.

Without a doubt, Carolyn says her favorite activity at the Center is the various art projects the seniors do each week. Whether it is bright paintings or colorful artwork which will adorn the Center’s walls, she loves creating something new each day.

Carolyn has always had a passion for art which was supported by her mother from an early age. She remembers her mother setting up easels in their kitchen and together creating many works of art. She became interested in ceramics and opened her own shop where, through books and studying, she taught herself to fire ceramics.

She laughs as she recalls that, “The store was next door to a bar and sometimes people would get confused and enter the wrong door on their way to the bar!”

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Carolyn smiling and holding flowers
Carolyn wearing beautiful colors and a bright smile.

Not only does Carolyn have a natural aptitude for many art styles such as oils, paints, coloring pencils and more, she has many other talents as well! At the age of forty, Carolyn decided that she’d like to learn how to play the mandolin and worked with accomplished teachers to get better and better.

Eventually, she was chosen to play a solo performance on the radio. “They didn’t tell me when to expect my performance to be played on the radio, but I waited and waited and finally, at 10 PM, I was on the radio!” When asked if she felt honored to be chosen, she replied, “Yes, I felt very proud.”


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Carolyn says the biggest difference she has experienced from the Center is that she is happier. As a naturally social and busy person, she found herself bored and lonely while at home. The Aspen Senior Day Center has given her so much joy and she has made many new friendships.

Carolyn and Frederika smiling together at the Center
Carolyn And Frederika at Aspen Senior Day Center

Carolyn says another large benefit she has enjoyed has been her fast friendship with Frederika, an employee at Aspen Senior Day Center.  Carolyn and Frederika are good friends who enjoy teasing and joking with one another. Frederika meets with Carolyn once a week to discuss important things in Carolyn’s life. “She provided me with CD’s that have the scriptures on them so I can listen to them on the weekends while I’m not at the Center. She’s my rock and she brings me a lot of comfort.”

“Aspen Senior Day Center has been blessed to have so many wonderful and admirable people like Carolyn who come to the Center regularly,” says Julie Smith the Activities Director. “We are dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of all seniors and their families, especially those going through challenging times.”

Carolyn Loves Attending Aspen Senior Day Center