Did you know it is never too late to build up brain reserves?

The more a person exercises their brain, the more reserves they can create. This is exactly our goal at the Aspen Senior Center in Provo and Aspen Activity Day at the Taylorsville Senior Center  We want seniors who are experiencing cognitive impairment to have an enjoyable time maintaining the brain reserves they have and increasing their ability to remember and enjoy life while they are doing it.

Cognitive Reserves. never too old or too late.2

According to Dr. Yaakov Stern, a leading proponent of Cognitive Reserve Theory, it is never too late to exercise our brains and even with some memory impairment, we can improve our brain reserves by engaging in mind-stimulating activities.

Dr. Stern states:

“…stimulating activities, ideally combining physical exercise, learning and social interaction, help us build a Cognitive Reserve to protect us.  The earlier we start building our Reserve, the better; but it is never too late to start. And, the more activities, the better: the effect is cumulative.”

Here at the Aspen Senior Center, we work on building cognitive reserves and we have fun while we’re doing it!

While doing this, we give family caregivers the opportunity to take a break from caregiving without them worrying about their loved one.  We understand how difficult it can be to leave a loved-one in someone else’s care. Many of our carefully-trained staff have cared for their own family members struggling with memory impairment and can empathize with families going through the same thing. Our staff is also dementia care trained and certified.

Call us at 801-607-2300 to schedule a tour of the Aspen Senior Center. We’d love to have you visit and see if we are a fit for your loved-one.

Building Brain Reserves at the Aspen Senior Center