Bill is one of the seniors who attends Aspen Senior Day Center each day of the week. He is frequently found playing pool with other seniors or members of the staff, and many describe him as a kind and easy going person. “Every day when his daughter drops him off at the Center he tells her thank you,” says Julie, Activities Director at Aspen Senior Day Center. “Bill is an extremely grateful and kind person.”

Bill and Gary enjoy a game of pool at Aspen Senior Day Center in Provo, Utah.
Bill and Gary enjoy a game of pool at Aspen Senior Day Center in Provo, Utah.

Finding the Right Care Option

In 2011 Bill was diagnosed with dementia. As time passed, Bill’s family realized that he needed 24/7 care and decided to start researching resources in the community. Bill’s daughter, Kristen, said the family knew of Aspen Senior Day Center because they would drive by it daily. When they looked into it further, they decided the Center would be a great fit for Bill because it would allow them to keep Bill at home. “We feel really lucky that we found Aspen,” says Kristen. “He looks forward to going each day, and he loves the Center.”


About Bill

Bill - 26th Street Insurance Office
26th Street Insurance Office
Bill - San Diego Navy 1946
San Diego Navy 1946


Bill grew up in Utah on his family’s farm where he worked hard and played hard. He met his wife and together they had a family of three daughters and one son. Eventually, this grew to include 7 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren!



Bill - McKay Dee Hospital Volunteer
McKay Dee Hospital Volunteer

Along with a successful career as an insurance salesman, Bill has always found joy in serving others and volunteered at McKay Dee Hospital for over 10 years. He also served in several service callings for his church as well as volunteered as an LDS temple baptizer for over 20 years.  



Bill - Canoe 1993
Canoe 1993
Bill - Fly Fishing 1960's
Fly Fishing 1960’s

As an avid outdoorsman, Bill has always enjoyed camping, bird hunting, flyfishing, and he once won a bow and arrow contest at the fair. He still talks of skiing and golfing trips.




Structure and Routine


Bill and Julie during a reminiscing activity at Aspen Senior Day Center
Bill and Julie during a reminiscing activity at Aspen Senior Day Center

Bill enjoys staying busy and having a steady routine each day. Both Bill’s family and members of the Aspen team say that after playing pool, word search puzzles and eating nutritious food at the Center are Bill’s favorite activities. Julie says that Bill is an avid participant in the reminiscing activity each day. “We discuss a new topic such as the history of baseball, ice cream, or the newspaper. Bill enjoys reading the words on the board aloud and discussing many different memories.”



Structure and routine are very important to all seniors dealing with memory loss. Because Bill likes staying busy, his family says he has done well with the structure the Center provides.  “He enjoys seeing familiar faces and joining in familiar activities on a daily basis. Not only has he been able to stay home with our family, he has an enjoyable day at the Center while we are at work,” says Kristen.


Bill reminiscing at Aspen Senior Day Center.
Bill reminiscing at Aspen Senior Day Center.

“At Aspen Senior Day Center, we know the importance of having a routine and schedule the seniors can count on, especially those dealing with different forms of dementia,” says Julie Smith, Activities Director. “Not only do they have fulfilling fun-filled days, they also have something they can count on and look forward to throughout the week.”


Aspen Senior Day Center is dedicated to improving the lives of seniors with memory loss. The staff is well-trained in dementia care and they love serving seniors in the community. The Center is a unique solution allowing families to care for loved ones at home while giving them the break they need during the day.

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Bill Enjoys Staying Busy at Aspen Senior Day Center