Memory care takes a team, and it takes a special approach to really benefit those dealing with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Because of this, Aspen Senior Day Center in Provo, Utah utilizes a unique approach to help those dealing with this difficult disease.

What we do differently:

The Cognasium Approach:

We have fully adopted the Cognasium Approach for seniors attending Aspen Senior Day Center. Cognasium means “gymnasium for the brain” or doing those things which help our brains stay as active and healthy as possible.  

There are four parts to this approach:Art at Aspen Senior Day Center

  • Mental stimulation – reminiscing discussions elicit memories and fun word games or other cognitive games, music, and art are good for challenging the brain.
  • Physical activity – fun exercise improves strength and blood flow and decreases physical limitations.
  • Good nutrition – healthy snacks increase appetites and we all eat better when we eat with others!
  • Active socialization – socializing is good for brain health. It also helps us from getting lonely and depressed.

No adult needs ‘daycare’ but all adults need mental stimulation, physical activity, good nutrition, and social interaction. Just like with school, the more we go the better we do.

Why it makes a difference:

Many of the benefits we see in our clients include:

  1. Enhanced positive mood and outlook on life
  2. Slowed progression of dementia and memory challenges
  3. Improved social and verbal abilities
  4. Enhanced memory through reminiscing and socializing
  5. Stimulated mental activity through games, puzzles, and crafts
  6. Increased physical activity, strength and blood flow
  7. Improved art skills and abilities
  8. New friends made and enjoyed
  9. Increased appetite and nutrition
  10. Boosted self-esteem through the celebration of their life accomplishments

At Aspen Senior Day Center we help seniors live life more fully-and quality of life is important to all of us.

Robert, an Aspen client, tells how his wife, Ethel, benefits from the Cognasium Approach:Word searches

“My wife has been attending Aspen for just over two years and we are very happy here. After she had a stroke over five years ago we slowly saw her experience more and more problems. One of these problems was the severe short-term memory loss.

Her needs are primarily social. Aspen offers her the interaction with people that I cannot give and the family, due to varied responsibilities, cannot supply.

Frequently she will remark on what has happened on a particular day and a few features are shown to be very important:

First, the activities. The day is divided so she does not become bored or annoyed at any given segment. Second, she is with people her own age group. Lastly, but certainly not least, the staff not only knows what they are doing but interact in a friendly and positive way throughout the day. Their attitude seems positive in every aspect and in every instance their attitude and performance have been above and beyond.”

At Aspen Senior Day Center our passion is to provide your loved one with great senior day care services and engaging activities every day and to help them stay as active and as independent as possible. We guarantee that your loved one is in good hands.

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Aspen’s Unique Approach to Memory Care