Sala with Anne at Aspen Senior Day Center

Sala is a regular here at Aspen Senior Day Center and can always be found with a big smile on her face. Sala was born and raised in Western Somoa (now know as Somoa) in a village with around 400 people. Her parents, who both had children from a prior marriage, raised a family of “about 17 children” together and through adoption. 

When Sala was 12-years-old she received a scholarship to attend school in New Zealand. Although it was difficult for her family to see her go, she attended the school from the age of 12 to 18 only visiting home every 2 years. She had to learn English and often waited after class to ask her teachers how to say certain words or phrases.  Throughout her schooling, Sala enjoyed being involved in sports, especially tennis in which she won quite a few awards.

Sala met her husband, Neil, in New Zealand while she was completing her nursing degree. Sala says when she first met him she just hated him because he had red hair and freckles! Eventually, that changed and together they had 6 girls and 1 boy and their families grew to what Sala says is, “A lot of grandchildren and great-grandchildren.”

As their family grew, Neil and Sala opened a business together in American Somoa. Neil’s Ace Home Center provided everything to build a home from the ground up, as well as everything one would need to furnish a home. Cement, lumber, appliances, and more could be found in their business.

Along with her hard-working spirit, Sala says, “If you’re going to set an example, set a good one. Be the best you can be and treat others how you would like to be treated.” Sala and her family love to put this thought into action by helping others who are in need in the community by providing food and other essentials. “It’s important to share what you have,” says Sala.

Sala with Karen and Lucy

Along with helping others in the community, Sala loves to lend a helping hand at Aspen Senior Day Center. Whether with art projects or games, she enjoys assisting the other clients when needed. Sala says it is so wonderful to see her friends at the Center where they can enjoy some of her favorite activities together. 

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Aspen Senior Day Center Spotlight: Sala Scratch