We love learning more about our clients and the wonderful lives that have led them to us!  This month we are excited to learn more about our Aspen Senior Day Center spotlight, Grant L.

Grant was born in Fountain Green, Utah. He grew up in Murray where he graduated from high school. In addition to being farmers, both of Grant’s parents worked outside of the home. His father was a plumber for Kennecott, and his mother was an elementary school cook. Grant says that his father taught him to think and his mother taught him to love.

Grant as a child

Grant spent his first 20 years in Utah before moving on to new adventures and experiences. He served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the West Central State Mission, which was located primarily in Montana. After serving his mission, he enlisted in the army for a short time where he was taught photography skills as a photo lab technician.

After moving for good job opportunities, Grant and his wife, Marcia, raised their seven children in Missouri. Together they taught their children to work hard and overcome adversity. Now Grant and his wife greatly enjoy being grandparents to 14 grandchildren!

Grant Family

Although he enjoys taking photographs, Grant’s greatest passion lies in art. After receiving his education through BYU and Penn State, he spent his career teaching art to others. One year he enjoyed the opportunity to teach kindergarten through 12th grade. Although he enjoyed that experience, Grant felt that he most enjoyed teaching college level art. He spent the majority of his career teaching at a college in Cape Dorado, Missouri.

Grant says he enjoys helping others and doing good things for them. “When others try to put you down, do not retaliate. Do something good for them. That is something that has always helped me.”

He says one of his biggest teaching moments came from the trials he experienced while working as an art teacher. Because of his religion and lifestyle, many of his fellow staff members did not treat him well and he did not receive as many opportunities for advancement. Instead of letting this get him down, Grant decided to focus his time and attention towards being a good teacher. He made sure to be attentive and to give each student one-on-one time. He wanted to ensure that his students thrived under his tutelage. It definitely worked! Because of the way Grant put his heart into teaching, he has boxes and boxes full of thank you notes from his students.

Grant says that what he loves most about Aspen Senior Day Center is that whatever trouble, disability, or problem someone is going through, they are cared for in the right way. Their differences are not emphasized but encouraged with kindness and love.

We are so happy to have Grant be a part of our wonderful group here at the Center. His happy, smiling face and loving attitude always makes those around him feel welcome and included.

Aspen Senior Day Center Spotlight – Grant L.
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