We enjoy having the opportunity to learn more about the wonderful seniors who attend the Center each week. This month we are excited to spotlight Carol who was born and raised in our community!

Carol was born in Payson, Utah and grew up in Nephi, Utah. She was the oldest of four children and had a good relationship with her siblings, two brothers, and a sister. Carol enjoyed teasing back and forth with her brothers. Because they were all afraid of snakes, they would often try to scare one another by pointing and yelling, “snake!” Carol was thirteen years old when her sister was born and she was beyond thrilled! One day she decided to dress her sister up and take her to the local photographer where she had her picture taken. Carol still isn’t sure how she paid for the photograph, but she is so happy to have that priceless picture of her baby sister.

Carol with her siblings growing up.

While attending business college Carol worked as a secretary for Brigham Young University. It was there that she met her husband, Alvin, through a mutual friend. They were married on June 24, 1955, and together they had 5 children. Their family grew to include 21 grandchildren and 55 great-grandchildren.

Together Carol and her husband owned and operated Price’s Ice Cream Parlor and Sandwich shop in Provo, Utah. If an employee ever made a mistake on an ice cream order, the mistakes also known as “the goofs,” were put in the freezer. Carol would take “the goofs” home for her children and their friends to enjoy.

Carol and Alvin were married in the Salt Lake City Temple in 1955.
Carol and Alvin were married in the Salt Lake City Temple in 1955.

Carol always enjoyed finding the fun in whatever she was doing and making others smile. Once, as the young women’s leader for her church, Carol went the extra mile when the young women wanted to do an ice-cream activity. Dressed as a carhop, Carol took orders and delivered ice cream to the girls while they remained in their cars. The girls loved it!

After the ice cream parlor closed, Carol returned to working as a secretary before moving on to work as a customer service representative with Nature’s Sunshine. One of Carol’s favorite memories is showing up for work one morning and being told she had to go home and pack her bags — she was going to Hawaii for a company cruise! A photo of Carol also was featured on the front of one of Nature’s Sunshine magazines. Carol retired from Nature’s Sunshine and says it was the best job ever!

“My mom was always looking for ways to do service,” says Carol’s daughter, Alyson. “She was always taking meals to families, visiting family, friends, and neighbors, and making sure everyone was included. Every time I talk to anyone about my mom they always bring up the things she did for their family. When mom found out that my cousin’s son had some medical problems, she showed up with her suitcase and stayed with the other kids so the parents could spend time at the hospital.”

Carol’s mother Della, Carol, Alyson, Camille and Mckenna.
Carol’s mother Della, Carol, Alyson, Camille, and Mckenna.

Carol and Alvin had an extensive greenhouse and garden.  “There was always a surplus of vegetables and mom could not let all that good food go to waste,” says Alyson. “She would pack her trunk up with a cooler and boxes of garden surplus and drive from neighbor to neighbor, family, and friends to drop off all these good vegetables.  This turned into almost a full-time job for her in the summer and fall.”

When her grandchildren were growing up, Carol would go from house to house to visit her loved ones.  She often would bring little gifts and needed household items in the trunk of her car to hand out. The kids soon discovered she had pretty much everything they could ever need in her trunk at all times. It was considered the magic trunk — it truly had everything you could ever need.

Carol and Alvin.
Carol and Alvin.

Alyson also says that Memorial Day is a special day for Carol. “For years mom would load up the car with flowers and go from Nephi to Provo and leave flowers for every relative who had passed. Although there are many, she still does that to this day. Even when it is difficult to find the graves, she does not give up.”

Carol loves attending the Center and says, “They have the nicest people here. Everyone is so friendly and everything is so well organized and carried out. I enjoy participating in all the activities, especially music. The Center keeps me energized and I have so many friendships that I truly value.” Her daughter says that she is so grateful for the Center and the safe environment that it provides for her mother. “I don’t have to worry about her and I know she is in a safe place while I work.”

Carol enjoys all of the art activities she does daily at Aspen Senior Day Center.
Carol enjoys all of the art activities she does daily at Aspen Senior Day Center.

Carol is always happy to join in activities and makes others feel welcome and included. We appreciate Carol and the loving, happy spirit she adds to our group here at Aspen Senior Day Center.

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Aspen Senior Day Center Spotlight – Carol Price