Home-Based Activity Packets

As many of you know, Aspen Senior Day Center has decided to temporarily close in an effort to keep everyone safe and to help limit the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) as per the CDC and other government authorities. 

However, our wonderful Activities Director, Julie, has been hard at work to make it easier for seniors at home over the next several weeks to stay busy and keep their brains engaged. We all know that exercise is good for our bodies, but keeping our brains active with daily activities is key to keeping dementia at bay. We also know that our brains are like muscles, if we don’t use them, we can lose them.

These 30-40 page activity packets are mailed each week and are a wonderful way for seniors to stay engaged during this time. “I include a variety of Name 10, Trivia, Quotes, Proverbs, Opposites, What doesn’t belong?, Complete these sayings…, Word Searches and Hidden Pictures,” says Julie. “There are topics for reminiscing, like Remembering Going to the Movies, Springtime Memories, Easter, The Soda Fountain, Short Stories, and All About Trees. I also include pictures they can paint or color with colored pencils.” 

Julie says in her phone calls with family caregivers and our clients, many thanked her for the packets and loved connecting. “One client asks regularly if she is going to school. If needed, I suggest ways to use word searches or other activities in a more simplified way if they may be too difficult for some.”  Julie says that if the clients can’t do it themselves, the grandchildren and other members of the family have been enjoying the packets as well.

“I miss spending time with these amazing seniors,” says Julie. “They have taught me so much over the years. They are a prayerful, grateful and loving group that finds joy in the simple things! Oh, how I miss them.”

If you or someone you know would be interested in receiving an Aspen Activity Packet, please reach out at 801-607-2300 today.

Aspen Senior Day Center Home-Based Activities Packets
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