The Utah Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association has the following to say about Aspen Senior Center.

“Aspen Senior Center has changed both family caregivers and care recipients lives with their progressive person-centered facility. I was amazed to see the changes and “personhood” return to our care recipients and observe the decrease in depression and anxiety in our caregivers. I can’t express my appreciation enough to Gary Staples and his staff for their services.”

Sylvia Brunisholz, Family Support Counselor

“Aspen Senior Center and Aspen Senior Care are complementary, vital services to the community. These two services provide a continuum of care to families in Utah and Salt Lake Counties. Alzheimer’s Disease is not a normal part of aging, but memory changes that disrupt daily life, difficulty completing familiar tasks, changes in mood, confusion with time or place are some of the beginning signs of Alzheimer’s. When these changes are occurring in your loved one, it means you have concurrently become a “caregiver.” It is a fact of life. Acknowledging this is the first step in protecting your loved one. You now become dedicated at understanding the role of a caregiver and what resources are available to you. This includes financial resources designed to support your efforts as a caregiver. Caregiving is difficult and requires respite. If you detect memory impairment, an Aspen representative will help you contact the Alzheimer’s Association for respite care support. Aspen Senior Center and Aspen Senior Care have achieved the designation of “Care Champion” from the Alzheimer’s Association, and have completed the Foundations of Dementia Care training with their employees. The role of Aspen is to assure that no one faces the burden of caregiving alone.”

Nick Zullo, Program Director

Alzheimer’s Association Provides Input